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12 honma future xx golf balls pearl/pearl 1 grade

12 honma future xx golf balls pearl/pearl 1 grade

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This premium golf ball delivers unprecedented ball speed, spin and feel, thanks to its 6-layer construction and advanced aerodynamics to deliver more performance.

The Future XX Golf Balls Feature:

  • 6-Piece Structure
  • Aerodynamic 326 Dimple Pattern
  • Designed to Emit Higher Energy Levels
  • Soft Urethane Cover

6-Piece Structure

The first 3-layers include a highly resistant core, with a soft secondary layer and a slightly firmer third layer which preserves energy for increased ball speed performance. Each other layer becomes gradually firmer to provide spin, with a soft urethane outer cover which improves short game control and feel.

Aerodynamic 326 Dimple Pattern

The ball has an advanced 326 dimple pattern which has been developed to deliver a higher ball flight, this along with the increased ball speed delivers long towering distance, with the added benefit of greater control.


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