Cobra King Rad Speed Drivers

Cobra King Rad Speed Drivers

The RADSPEED driver is centered around Cobra’s RADIAL WEIGHTING technology, which consists of weight in the extreme front and back of the driver. The increased distance between the weights is to produce low spin, fast ball speeds and great forgiveness, all at the same time.

The front weighting is composed of 16g of fixed weight and 12g of adjustable weight in the driver frame, which creates low spin and fast face speeds.

The back weighting is composed of 8g of fixed weight and 2g of adjustable weight, adding stability and forgiveness to the strike.

The adjustable weights allow you to fine-tune trajectory and spin. For example, putting more weight in the front can reduce spin further, while putting more weight in the back can add extra forgiveness. 

The Radspeed comes in three models rad speed, rad speed xb & rad speed xd

1) RadSpeed 

  • Ultra-low spin
  • Lowest launch
  • Fastest ball speed and most workable

2) Rad XD

  • Mid spin
  • Mid to high launch
  • Draw bias for straightest drives

3) Rad XB

  • Low spin
  • Highest launch
  • Longest and most forgiving

All three versions of the driver are available on the website at discounted prices

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