Collection: Lake and Used Golf Balls

Looking for high-quality golf balls without breaking the bank? Explore our range of used and lake golf balls. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, our selection offers excellent value for every golfer. View our used golf balls from top brands like Callaway, Srixon, TaylorMade, Titleist, Vice Pro, Volvik and Wilson.

What Are Lake and Used Golf Balls?

Discover the benefits of used and lake balls - they're an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to keep your game sharp. Also known as second-hand balls, these are previously played balls that have been retrieved, cleaned, and graded for resale. While traditional "lake balls" were recovered from water hazards, the term now encompasses balls found throughout the golf course. These balls are a sustainable option and can offer considerable savings compared to new ones.

Lake balls: more than a splash

Lake balls are characterized by their retrieval from water hazards and subsequent refurbishment. Lake balls have come a long way. Modern practices minimize concerns about water damage affecting playability, making them a sustainable choice for golfers. With varying grades, you'll find the perfect balance of quality and affordability for your game.

Grading guide: find your perfect fit

  • Mint Refinished

Revive Your Game: These balls look, feel, and play like new, providing an excellent alternative at a fraction of the cost.

  • Pearl Grade

Unbeatable Quality: The cream of the crop in lake balls, nearly indistinguishable from brand new, ensuring a great playing experience.

  • Pearl One

Slight Signs of Greatness: Displaying minimal wear, these balls are your go-to for a high-quality round without the premium price.

  • Grade 1

Good with Character: Good condition with signs of play. These balls might bear small marks, but they're well suited for most games.

  • Grade 2

Perfectly Imperfect: Fair condition with signs of play. Ideal for play or practice depending on your needs or ability.

  • Grade 4

Practice Makes Perfect: Low quality practice balls which are your secret weapon for honing your skills on the green.

  • X-Outs:

Hidden Gems: Name-brand golf balls where the brand has been stamped out, usually with a row of Xs, because of imperfections in the ball. These branded balls deliver performance that rivals their flawless counterparts.

Frequently asked questions

How are golf balls refurbished?

Our refurbishment process involves a thorough cleaning, grading, and, if needed, a touch-up to ensure the balls perform at their best. We take great care to bring these balls back to life while preserving their quality.

Are used golf balls as good as new?

Absolutely. Balls graded as Mint Refinished or Pearl Grade offer performance comparable to brand new balls. You won't notice a difference in your game.

Are refurbished golf balls worth it?

Without a doubt. Refurbished balls deliver exceptional value, providing high-quality performance without the premium price tag. They're a smart choice for budget-conscious golfers looking to play their best.