Golf Ball Recovery Service

Image of golf lake

We help golf courses by providing a dedicated golf ball recovery service that retrieves lost golf balls from ponds and lakes. We are dedicated to preserving the beauty and integrity of your course while recovering golf balls quickly and efficiently.

Areas covered: East Sussex and surrounding areas.


Benefits for your golf course

  • Expertise: our experienced staff know how to retrieve golf balls from water hazards safely and effectively.
  • Course integrity: we work carefully to protect your course's natural surroundings and ensure minimal disruption to golfers.
  • Financial returns: get paid for recovered golf balls.
  • Transparency: we provide clear communication and reporting throughout the process.


Why choose our golf ball recovery service?

We prioritise the health and success of your course and its players, ensuring care and respect in every aspect of our services. We are skilled in efficient recovery, allowing us to find and collect golf balls rapidly and accurately.

Ready to enhance your golf course's potential? Contact us today:

Phone: 07969142644