Golf Ball Grading Guide

  • Ball Grading Explained
  • New Brand new boxed balls
  • Mint Refinished Refinished in American - look like new, feel like new, play like new
  • Pearl Grade Best quality lake balls, as new unless otherwise stated
  • Pearl One Very good quality- shows slight signs of play
  • Grade 1 Good condition- shows signs of play IE players ink spots or club marks balls maybe discolored
  • Grade 2 Fair condition signs of play- play or practice depending on your needs or ability
  • Grade 4 Practice grade- low quality balls suitable for practice only
  • X-Outs These are name-brand golf balls on which that brand has been stamped out, usually with a row of X's, because of imperfections in the ball. Those imperfections are often cosmetic in nature, and usually so small as not to be noticeable. The balls usually play the same as their counterparts, or at least close enough that most recreational players could never tell the difference.