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puttout pressure putt trainer premium red

puttout pressure putt trainer premium red

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Brand: puttout

Type: Putting Plane

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor

Sport/Activity: Golf

Best for: Putting

Colour: Yellow

EAN: 5060510621039

  • As close as you can get to a golf hole without digging one. Take your practice anywhere with the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer.
    • The 4 1/4” base replicates a real golf hole
    • Features a specially engineered parabolic ramp. Any putt that rolls up and back down the trainer is a made putt
    • For made putts, the ball returns to you the same distance it would have rolled past the hole
    • The addictive ‘Perfect Putt’ micro-target within the ramp can be popped down. The ball will only stick in micro target when the perfect speed is delivered
    • Replicating lip-out putts, the tapered ramp means putts hit towards the edges of the hole with too much pace will be rejected. 
    • A small hole at the top of the ramp allows for an alignment stick for additional set-up options.
    • Three small dots within the rounded base allow for further precision targets allowing golfers to mix up their practice
    • Its spiked base allows for stable use on both mats and the putting green
    • The foldable design means it fits in almost any pocket in your golf or travel bag


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